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The survival of my family and its legacy has been built on the sturdy legs, strong back, and sound mind of quality horses. Whether pulling a sleigh to feed cows in the winter or carrying hunters and pack trippers into the backcountry of Wyoming during the summer and fall, our horses have earned their place as valued member of our family. As fifth-generation Jackson, Wyoming residents, it has been through a lifetime of experiences and knowledge of our family history that has heightened our sense of love for livestock and the agricultural lifestyle necessary to support it. It is the very reason Millward Horse Rental was established in 1998 and why Millward Livestock exist today.

The Company:

Founded as Millward Horse Rental, Inc. in 1998 by Steven and Scott Millward, our original mission was to provide short and long-term horse rental services to residents of Jackson and its surrounding area. While this attribute of our business has remained our core endeavor, Millward Horse Rental has evolved both in name and business offerings.

From trucking agricultural commodities across the country to our current day business of horse rental, hay sales, and delivery, we have always strived to put our customers needs at the forefront of our business.